"Creative Enrichment offers wonderful classes that simply can't be found by other providers in the region. That's because Creative Enrichment is uniquely in tune with the needs of both kids and parents.  When I first read the curricula for the company's offerings, I just kept thinking, 'Wow, what great ideas!' My kids did, too.

And it's not only the ideas, but also the execution. True enrichment: the kids really walk away enhanced after every class. They learn specific skill sets, appreciation, and confidence. Week after week. All due to the fact that Lori just puts a ton of sheer effort into her offerings. The company makes an unsurpassed commitment to kids, parents, and the schools. Lori makes everything totally smooth, taking care of every detail. Totally hassle-free. Most importantly, she ensures that her instructors are top notch and completely dependable.  

As students, my kids love the classes. As an enrichment coordinator, I love Creative Enrichment's effort to ensure that these popular classes always go well."

-Brad Wolvin, After School Enrichment Coordinator, Candlewood Elementary School PTA

"Books Alive has delighted many of our children and many of our parents have requested that this program be repeated. One of our parents commented that Books Alive has motivated her child to take more of an interest in reading books. The books that are chosen for this program are of high quality and always ones that the children can relate to with much delight.

Lori and her team are highly organized and professional but most of all relate to our children in a way that keeps them engaged and excited about books."

-Barbara Frederick, Associate Director, Bet Yeladim Preschool

"Cashell Elementary school's two-year partnership with Creative Enrichment provides us with an amazing after-school art program for our young students. An artist myself, I have been so impressed with the quality of the instruction that our children are receiving, and so inspired by the beautiful artwork that our children are creating.

Creative Enrichment's owner Lori Hurwitz has been a delight to work with, both flexible and understanding of our school's needs. Our students have loved participating in the Hands on Art and Discovering Famous Artists classes!"

-Sara Durose, PTA, Cashell Elementary School

"Our community is happy with the quality and depth of the programs that Creative Enrichment offers. We've had nothing but positive feedback from parents about the Young Chefs, Zany Brainy Science, and Discovering Famous Artists classes. We would recommend Creative Enrichment to anyone considering an after school activity."

-Bobby Smith, PTA President , Greenwood Elementary School

"Creative Enrichment has been providing high quality after school enrichment classes for our preschool since Spring 2014. The variety of program choices that Creative Enrichment offers allows us to provide the students at our school many different enrichment opportunities throughout each year. The classes are well organized, interactive and developmentally appropriate for our young learners. Our preschool students look forward to both the interesting classes and to seeing their enthusiastic and engaging Creative Enrichment teachers each week."

-Amy Snyder, Director, Temple Isaiah Preschool

“... two years later and my daughter has an expanded appreciation for art, exemplifying the lasting impact of the Discovering Famous Artists program. Creative Enrichment offers a unique opportunity to expose young children to the world of art.”

-Allison Reznick, Derwood, MD

“All three of my children loved the Discovering Famous Artists unit that they did in preschool with Ms. Hurwitz. The hands on aspect really made the art come alive. Learning about each artist’s style and then recreating one of their works made the lessons truly engaging for kids. They still fondly recall learning about the artists, their technique and projects that they made – and it is 4 and 6 years later!

- Amanda Leonard, Olney, MD

"My daughter was fortunate enough to participate in Lori Hurwitz's Discovering Famous Artists unit in preschool.  As an art-lover myself, I was so pleased to see our daughter enjoy her early exposure to art history and appreciation. While learning about the styles and techniques of various well-known artists, the kids did such things as paint while lying on their back like Michelangelo, and create self-portraits in the vein of Andy Warhol!

This fun, hands-on experience integrated other areas of learning as well; including geography, social studies, and even math. As a memento, we have a portfolio of our daughter's priceless artwork, which we will always treasure!

-Kristen Milne, Brookeville, MD

“I am very impressed with Creative Enrichment's Discovering Famous Artists course! I was amazed that my son Drew, at the age of 4, could learn and retain such valuable information in art history. The portfolio of 15 artworks that he painted himself is still my single most prized possession. Drew’s favorite artist was Jackson Pollock because he had a blast splattering paint! Now, at the age of 8, he still recognizes posters of Vincent van Gogh, Monet, and O’Keeffe, and many others.

Lori Hurwitz’s early-childhood expertise challenges and enriches preschoolers’ experiences in learning about the world around them. The knowledge learned from this class will stay with your child for years to come!”

-Melissa Young

“Painting on the ceiling like Michelangelo, creating "accidental art” like Hans Arp, and thinking of reasons why the Mona Lisa is smiling are among the many memories my daughters have of taking art with Lori and Renee.  I was amazed and gratified to buy reprints of Georgia O’Keefe’s work when my daughter asked to re-decorate her bedroom with her ‘favorite female artist.’ With their Discovering Famous Artists course, Lori stimulates the minds and senses of both children and parents alike.”  

-Gina and Jeff Wiser, Olney, MD

“... thank you for all of your efforts in bringing wonderful enrichment programs to our school.  While we were away on vacation we were eating in a restaurant with lots of art on the walls and out of nowhere Olivia (who is 6) points to a piece of art and asks us if we think it is impressionist style - this spawned an entire wonderful conversation on art.  We were blown away by the knowledge the girls had gained from the after school art program.”