SPARK! Business Academy


We empower children to develop into responsible global citizens by teaching them how to start making sound financial decisions at an early age!


Dollars and Dense (ages 5-7 & 8-10) 

Children are introduced to the fundamentals of financial literacy. Topics include:

Budgeting Basics

Budgeting Basics

International Currencies

International Currencies

Prices and Bartering

Prices and Bartering

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and Debit Cards




Bulls and Bears: The Stock Market Game (ages 8-10)

Children learn how investors make/lose money in the stock market and how they can start investing successfully at a young age!

In this hands-on class, students use a kid-friendly stock-trading simulation tool with real-time market data to select a $10,000 stock portfolio and analyze performance over time!

Topics include:

  • Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

  • Reading stock price graphs

  • Stock indices around the world

  • Risk, return and diversification

  • Case study on IPO's: Facebook and Snapchat

stock market.jpg

My First Lemonade Stand (ages 5-7 & 8-10)

Let’s sell lemonade!  In this fun class, children learn the fundamentals of buying and selling through the authentic experience of creating a lemonade stand! 

Students are equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset for their lemonade stand, learning about marketing, finance and strategy in a supportive and team-oriented environment.

From designing marketing flyers to estimating profits to experimenting with recipes, young students will have fun while engaging in enriching activities with a lasting developmental impact. 

Students work in teams and donate profits to a charity when they launch their lemonade stand in the spring!


Budding Entrepreneurs (ages 8-10)

If you love the hit TV show "Shark Tank," this empowering class is for you! In this exciting course, children work in teams to develop a business idea and write a mini business plan.

Students learn about business, strategy, marketing and finance as they build confidence "learning by doing" throughout the day!


Young Diplomats (grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8)

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, it’s critical for students to develop a global mindset and build awareness of international commerce early in life. Topics include:

  • Cultural differences across countries (food, clothes, traditions, languages, etc...)

  • World currencies, international trade and exchange rates

  • current international news events

  • Economic development topics

  • The role of international institutions, such as the UN and The World Bank

  • The role of the internet in globalization

  • Controversial aspects of globalization


Glam! Girls Learning About Money (grades k-5, 6-8)

Take an early step towards future financial independence! Innovative class empowers young girls to build a healthy foundation on financial literacy and develop responsible financial habits in a supportive environment. Fun activities help students internalize concepts. Topics include:

  • Budgeting 101 (earning, spending, saving, investing)

  • Prices and bartering

  • Checks, bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards

  • Career day: What do you want to be when you grow up?


Money Math (grades k-2)

This innovative class on financial literacy serves as a practical math environment where our youngest students learn and reinforce computational skills, while developing a foundation for healthy financial habits.

From playing money math games to learning about budgeting through hands-on activities, students will have fun while they enhance their practical math skills!


My First Hot Cocoa Stand (grades K-2, 3-5)

Come learn how to make yummy hot cocoa and how to earn money selling it! A hot cocoa stand is a great way to introduce our youngest entrepreneurs to the world of business and it’s fun! This class empowers kids with an entrepreneurial mindset for their “business,” drawing from such disciplines as marketing, finance and strategy, in a supporting environment fostering team work.

From designing marketing flyers to estimating profits to experimenting with recipes, young students will have fun while engaging in enriching, multi-disciplinary activities with a lasting developmental impact.


The Business of Sports (grades 2-5, 6-8)

For the sports lover, future team General Manager (GM), sports team owner, ESPN analyst, or coach, this unique class will “show you the money” in sports!

Students will learn the business side of various sports and actively discuss and analyze a different “sports money” topic every class, including:

  • Which sports teams have the highest dollar market value?

  • How do teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL make money?

  • Endorsements (Michael Jordan, LeBron James, etc...)

  • How should Under Armour compete against Nike?

  • How do collective bargaining agreements determine player salaries in pro sports?

  • What’s “the money picture” in individual sports like golf or tennis?

  • Why do some pro athletes go bankrupt after making millions?

  • How much money do top college football programs raise for their school?


Debate Club (grades 2-5, 6-8)

Students learn how to develop persuasive arguments while discussing a different topic in every class. Students work in rotating groups and practice their debating skills in a supportive, friendly environment. Teams prepare their arguments during the first half of the class and debate during the second half.

In this fun and exciting course, students hone debating skills, including:

  • Developing arguments

  • Issuing rebuttals

  • Providing examples

  • Rebuilding their case

  • Summarizing points of view


Mindfulness (grades K-5, 6-8)

Today’s over-scheduled kids can benefit greatly from applying mindfulness to their lives. This class helps students reduce stress, control anxiety, concentrate better and enjoy life more fully! Topics include:

  • Being present and experiencing the “here and now”

  • Applying mindfulness to routine activities like eating

  • Multitasking vs. full attention

  • Disconnecting your “auto pilot”

  • Simple exercises to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life


Masters of Innovation (grades 2-5, 6-8)

Come and learn how innovation has changed the way we live. Students gain a historical perspective and develop a forward-looking mindset. Classes analyze recent cool innovations and look ahead, all along emphasizing the importance of thinking creatively. Topics include:

  • Innovative industries and companies

  • Predicting the future: what the life be like?

  • “Creative destruction”

  • Smartphones: pre- and post-iPhone era's

  • Technology focus: Self-driving cars

  • Technology focus: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Top 10 innovations


Typing Wizards! (grades 2-5, 6-8)

Work smarter by learning how to type!  As school work becomes increasingly performed in computers, today’s busy students can be more efficient by learning to type. Finish your homework in less time! 

Students use a personalized system that allows them to progress at their own pace. In this practical class, students learn to type with a mix of typing lessons, drills, games and tests.  Instant accuracy feedback after every lesson.

Move from beginner, to intermediate to advanced and earn badges for every level conquered! We typically use a computer lab or laptop cart. 

"Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime."

--Lao Tsu (604 BC - 531 BC), Chinese philosopher and writer